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big_tex_logo1Big Tex Trailers
For over 30 years, Big Tex Trailers has lead the trailer market as one of the nation’s leading professional grade trailer companies. Established in 1982, Big Tex has been manufacturing top-quality trailers to fit all walks of life. With faster lead times and dedicated customer service, this companies truly cares about your needs.

Big Tex manufactures a variety of trailers including single axle trailers, tandem axle trailers, auto haulers, motorcycle trailers, goosenecks, pintle hitches, utility trailers, equipment trailers and more! Offering the most competitive prices and the best partnerships, you can’t go wrong when hauling a Big Tex trailer. With innovative designs, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and the toughest materials, Big Tex Trailers can provide quality hauling in all areas. Click the button below to learn more.

cm-trailers-logo-blackCM Trailers
Built from the toughest aluminum and steel, CM Trailers manufactures a variety of trailers to suit a multitude of hauling needs. Keeping you and your animals’ needs in mind, CM Trailers is dedicated to making sure your animals travel in the safety, style and comfort and that your trailer maintains its value and appeal over the years.
You’ll be able to choose from many trailer varieties including: Horse Trailers, Livestock Trailers and Cargo Trailers. Renowned for their quality, durability, strength, style and value, CM Trailers can suit the needs of any farmer, rancher, professional showman, or horseman anywhere. Established in 1990 in January, CM Trailers has been serving customers’ hauling needs for over two decades.
To learn more about CM Trailers and what they have to offer, click on the link below.

cm-truck-beds-1CM Truck Beds
With beds are made from solid steel and aluminum, packed with a multitude of features, and finished with the toughest materials, CM Truck Beds manufactures a variety of truck bed styles to meet the needs of hard workers everywhere. Whether you’re on the farm or at the construction site, we’ve got the perfect bed for you.
Choose from models like the: DB Truck Bed, ER Truck Bed, GP Truck Bed, PL Truck Bed, SK Truck Bed, TM Truck Bed and many more!
Having manufactured the strongest truck beds in the industry for over 20 years, CM Truck Beds knows a thing or two about building a good truck bed. Our beds range from regular flat and skirted beds all the way to utility bodies and hay bale beds. Dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the working industry, CM Truck Beds uses the best products available to build a bed that is beyond comparison. See what our truck beds can do for you by clicking on the link below.

big_tex_logo1Midsota – For over three decades, Midsota has been manufacturing some of the finest dump trailers available. Midsota offers a complete line-up of off-road and commercial dump trailers, skid load trailers, and a huge line-up of skid loader attachments to meet all your needs.
Midsota offers a broad range of customization features to help you get the trailer you want, no matter what your requirements might be. We know you demand the very best from your equipment. That’s why our company has continually strived to improve our manufacturing process over the years. To learn more about what Midsota has to offer, visit their website by clicking on the button below.

big_tex_logo1H&H Trailers – When your livelihood depends on a dependable trailer, pick a company and trailer you can rely on for top value and strength that outlasts. Whether you’re a gardener, construction worker, rancher or off-road enthusiast, you can find an H&H Trailer suitable to meet any and off of your needs.Built to be the best pulling, longest lasting trailers in the business, H&H offers the biggest selection of standard and custom models. Choose from utility, flatbed, tilt bed, dump box, and hi-deck open models, or select from several lines of enclosed cargo trailers. No matter what you decide, H&H has what you want and need. Trailers for every budget and desire!

big_tex_logo1Sundowner Trailers – Continually raising the bar with outstanding workmanship, innovative features, and dedicated attention to safety and detail, Sundowner Trailers is unequaled in the horse and livestock trailer industry. No matter where you’re going or what you’re hauling, Sundowner can get you there and back again safely.
No matter what your hauling requirements are, bumper pulls, living quarters, goosenecks, Sundowner offers unique features that no other manufacturer will to meet your needs. Our company offers unequaled quality, customized designs, ease of maintenance, and the best customer service. Sundowner also has an unrivaled three-year hitch-to-bumper warranty and an eight-year structural warranty. To learn more about what Sundowner has to offer, click on the button below.

big_tex_logo1Snow EX – Coming with a long list of innovations, the history of Snow EX is one you’re very familiar with. That’s because we’ve been in your shows. Having spent years as snow and ice fighters ourselves before becoming a manufacturing company, we know what it’s like to deal with equipment breakdowns and other un-wanted circumstances.
That’s what makes us unique. We take our experiences and develop them into a solution for every circumstance. Snow Ex offers a variety of low-maintenance motor and transmission drive systems, v-box spreaders with corrosion resistant poly hoppers, wireless-controlled utility spreaders and much more!
With a competitive line-up of sprayers, spreaders, plows and other weather related tools to help you fight the effects of snow and ice, Snow Ex doesn’t just give you the equipment you need to tackle the job. We give you something that fits your individual needs and requirements perfectly. See more by clicking the button below.

big_tex_logo1Ice Castle – Do you wish that you could enjoy fishing even in the coldest winter months? With Ice Castle Fish Houses you can! Founded in 1993, Ice Castle builds the largest selection of portable ice fish houses in Minnesota.
Ice Castle proudly supports local businesses and dedicates lots of time and energy into producing quality ice houses fit for any fishing, hunting, or outdoor lifestyle. Packed with a multitude of customizable options, you’ll be able to turn our basic fishing shack into anything from a manly getaway for you and your friends to an outdoor home-away-from-home.
Ice Castle produces a multitude of models, each packed with unique features. Choose from styles like: RV Fish Houses, 8’ Wide Fish Houses, 6.5’ Wide Fish Houses and Clerking Trailers. To see what else we offer, contact Grand Trailer Sales at 218-773-0501 or visit the Ice Castle website by clicking the link below.

big_tex_logo1Fisher – Committed to high-grade products and unrivaled customer service, Fisher has been raising the bar in everything that they do. Trusted and proven for over 65 years, Fisher Engineering is located in Maine and has been serving customers outdoor needs no matter the weather.
Manufacturing a variety of snow plows, along with tailgate and hopper mounted ice control spreaders, Fisher’s industry-leading techniques has given them an undisputed reputation among snow plow users and professionals everywhere. Dedicated to helping communities recover from weather faster and stay safe on the roads, Fishers is your go-to source for plows and can help you find creative ways to solve your problems.
A part of Douglas Dynamics, Fisher Engineering is proud of the high quality products we produce and the level of customer service we provide. As America’s go-to manufacturer of vehicle attachments and weather control equipment, we want to keep you safe. Find out more by clicking the link below.

big_tex_logo1MAXXD – Now MAXXD Trailers, Maxey Trailers Mfg. has been producing strong, reliable trailers for over a decade. At MAXXD, we want you to have a better future, no matter your profession or haling requirements. That’s why we constantly strive to improve our trailer designs and manufacture better, more reliable trailers with each and every build.
MAXXD builds a variety of trailer styles including flatbeds, dump trailers, specialty trailers, drop-n-load trailers, roll-off trailers, car/equipment trailers, utility trailers, and deck-over trailers. Continually striving for success, our trailers will tackle all your hauling needs and ease your workload for years to come. MAXXD also offers a broad range of customization options to help fulfill your individual requirements.
To continue our growth plan, all MAXXD trailers built in 2016 or later, now have a 3-year limited structural warranty that covers frame &weld defects, a 2-year limited component warranty, and a 1-year limited comprehensive warranty that covers any other defects on the trailer. To learn more about MAXXD, click the link below.

AlumaAlumaAluma – In 1992, Dean Maschoff was asked by some of his friends if he could make them a trailer out of aluminum to haul their golf cats around with. It took several months of building trailers for friends before Dean could make one for himself to use. The popularity of the light weight trailers led Dean to start a small company which he called Aluma, Ltd. In 1995, the increasing demand for his trailers necessitated a move to a 12,000 square foot building in Bancroft, Iowa. Today, we build an average of 50 trailers per day and ship them to all 50 states and Canada. We are proud to offer a 5 year warranty on all of our products, the best warranty in the industry! Aluma trailers are light weight, strong, rust-free and offer years of worry free use. With over 60 models of open utility and enclosed