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Winter storms can be the worst. And if you’re not prepared, they can be very dangerous. At Prairie Wind Trailers, we’ve planned ahead to give you the equipment you need to outlast the storms. Manufactured by Fisher and Snow EX, our snow plows will keep you ahead of the snow and ice.

Choose from plows like the:

• Snow Ex 8000 HD Snow Plow
• Fisher 8’x10’ XLS
• Snow Ex 8100 Power Plow
• Snow Ex Extreme V Snow Plow
• And more!

When it comes to fighting snow and ice, we know the risks. That’s why we’ve taken every step to ensure that you can avoid them. Our plows are powerful and designed in state-of-the-art facilities to give you the very best in ice and snow control. Prairie Wind serves customers all over South Dakota including Harrisburg, Sioux Falls, and Lennox.

Give us a call at 605-743-2826 if you have any questions about our plows.

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